5 Famous Scrabble™ Squabbles

In many households Christmas isn’t Christmas without a good family squabble over the Scrabble™ board. Here are five famously silly Scrabble™ quarrels to put your own family Scrabble™ wars to shame.

1. In 1996 a woman was charged with assault in Haggerstown, USA, when she struck her husband over the head with a Scrabble™ board.

2. A resident in a UK old people’s home was thrown out when she admitted she didn’t play Scrabble™.

3. A five-year-old boy phoned Leicester police to complain his sister was cheating at Scrabble™.

4. A Scrabble™ Championship is one of the only places players aren’t penalised for swearing or being rude – all words that feature in the official Scrabble dictionary can be played.

5. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are so competitive that they rarely finish a game of Scrabble because one of them will get upset and close the board in a huff.

We’d love to hear about your family Scrabble™ battles!

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