Around the World in 15 Words

Scrabble is played globally, so here are some of the new words that originate from countries and regions around the world.

(Irish) in Irish politcs, the vice-Taoiseach or deputy prime minister of the Republic of Ireland

(Scots) a hand

(Northern English) mate

(Spanish) a hired gunman or assassin especially in Latin America

(French) a dance of French West Indian origin

(Germanic regions) a grandfather

(Italian) an Italian breed of dog

(Ukrainian) a Ukrainian dance

(South African) a tennis shoe or plimsoll

(Middle Eastern) pl HUMOUS, a Middle Eastern hors d’oeuvre of pureed chickpea and sesame oil

(Japanese) a type of black Japanese ink

(Australian slang) well-informed and adroit

(New Zealand slang) beers

(Canadian) a Newfoundland name for the guillemot

(Hawaiian) a Hawaiian set of rules for daily life

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