Discover the New Scrabble Words, 2015

Over 6,500 new words have been added to the Collins Official Scrabble Wordlist – influenced by all parts of life, including social media, slang, technology and food, plus English from around the world.

Delve into some of the new words below!

Laughs at someone else’s or one’s own expense (13 points)

Talk with (someone) via the FaceTime application (15 points)

Interjection expressing disgust (12 points)

Digital icon used in electronic communication (14 points)

music (8 points)

Small clickable box on a computer screen (28 points)

Interjection used to express wailing (10 points)

Past tense of podium, finish in the top three places in a sporting competition (14 points)

Best friend (18 points)

Mouth (17 points)

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