The letter A: Too much of a good thing

If you have too many letter As, there are plenty of short words to help get you out of trouble:

AA – a type of volcanic lava

AAH – exclamation of surprise, pleasure, etc.

AAL – an Asian shrub or tree

AAS – plural of AA

ABA – type of cloth made from goat or camel hair

AGA – Muslim ruler

AHA – exclamation of triumph or surprise

AIA – a maid or nanny

AKA – a type of vine

ALA – a wing

AMA – a vessel for water

ANA – a collection (e.g. Victoriana)

AUA – yellow-eye mullet

AVA – a Polynesian shrub

AWA – away

BAA – sound made by a sheep

CAA – Scots for call

FAA – Scots for fall

MAA – sound made by a goat

By Barry Grossman

Barry is a leading UK Scrabble player and winner of several tournaments. He is the author of Scrabble for Beginners (Chambers), Need to Know Scrabble, Scrabble – Play to Win and The Little Book of Scrabble Trickster. He has also contributed to numerous other books on the subject of words and word-games, has been a series champion of Channel 4’s Countdown, and has written four comedy series for BBC Radio 4. He lives in Hertford.

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