The letter A: Using the A-Team

The A is usually a useful letter to have, though you don’t particularly want more than one of them. It will fit nicely into lots of good seven- and eight-letter bonus words.

To help you find them, remember some of the prefixes and suffixes that A is a part of. There’s AB- and AD-: loads of words begin with both of these, such as ABJURES (renounces on oath), ABSTAIN, ADRENAL and ADHESIVE.

ANTI-, being made up of four of the one-point tiles, starts a lot of useful words too. Here are a few handy ANTIs, along with their definitions:

ANTICOLD preventing the common cold

ANTIDRUG opposed to illegal drugs

ANTIFAT of a drug, etc., tending to remove fat

ANTIFUR opposed to the wearing of fur

ANTIJAM preventing jamming

ANTILOCK designed to prevent overbraking

ANTILOG mathematical term

ANTIMAN hostile to men

ANTIPOLE the opposite pole

ANTIRUST treated so as not to rust

ANTISAG preventing sagging

The A is in suffixes too, like -ABLE, -ATE, -ANT, -IAL and -IAN.

By Barry Grossman

Barry is a leading UK Scrabble player and winner of several tournaments. He is the author of Scrabble for Beginners (Chambers), Need to Know Scrabble, Scrabble – Play to Win and The Little Book of Scrabble Trickster. He has also contributed to numerous other books on the subject of words and word-games, has been a series champion of Channel 4’s Countdown, and has written four comedy series for BBC Radio 4. He lives in Hertford.

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