Seven-letter words in Scrabble

Some top-drawer Scrabble players know all the two-, three- and four-letter words. But nobody knows all the sevens. Well, maybe a tiny handful of dedicated word-study fanatics with photographic memories and lots of spare time, and even they must get the odd twinge of doubt over the correct spelling of… Read More

Letter C

C can be a very useful letter to have. It combines well with the high-scoring letters H and K to give you the chance of a high score for just a four- or five-letter word. If you can play something like CHUNK or… Read More

Bonus Bs

The most likely way of using B in a bonus word is probably something beginning with BE- or BI-. The -ABLE suffix is also worth remembering (NOTABLE, OPENABLE) and quite a few with an optional E in the middle:… Read More

Not the B all and end all

The B is not one of the most useful letters. It’s most often used in shorter words, preferably on a premium square to increase its value, and preferably to help you get rid of your other less useful letters. Good B-words for this are: BEZ an… Read More

Small but powerful: high scoring three-letter words

Using a three-letter word can be a great way to use the high-scoring tiles J, Q, X and Z, especially by getting the power tile on a double- or triple-letter square. Here are some for you to learn that might help you: J first: JUD a… Read More

Three-Letter Words

The three-letter words are almost as useful as the twos because there are so many ways of adding a letter to a two-letter word to make a three-letter one. That helps you place words on the board and get a higher score by playing more words in one move. There… Read More

The letter A: Too much of a good thing

If you have too many letter As, there are plenty of short words to help get you out of trouble: AA – a type of volcanic lava AAH – exclamation of surprise, pleasure, etc. AAL – an Asian… Read More

The letter A: Using the A-Team

The A is usually a useful letter to have, though you don’t particularly want more than one of them. It will fit nicely into lots of good seven- and eight-letter bonus words. To help you find them, remember some of the prefixes and suffixes that A is a part of. Read More

Two-Letter Words

Two-letter words are the most useful words in Scrabble. And the most useful two-letter words are … all of them. There are 124 in total. The ones that contain what we call the power tiles (J, Q, X and Z) are perhaps first among equals but there is… Read More