Using the letter I

The I is similar to the A in that it is usually useful to have one of them, but their value goes down steeply once you get more than one. In contrast to the handy AA, EE and… Read More

What about tricky adjectives?

In case it’s a while since you have been to school (or you just weren’t paying attention when you were there), an adjective is a word that describes a noun. A tall man, a clever woman, a tricky adjective. You can generally add -ER and -EST to adjectives that are… Read More

Verbs in Scrabble

There are words you can play even though they are probably not shown in a dictionary (though they will be in Collins Official Scrabble Words). Verbs, for instance, can generally have S, ED or ING added to them. So PRINT can become PRINTS,… Read More

Nouns and plurals

You will notice words like GRANITES in the word list and may wonder whether you can really have a plural of GRANITE. ‘What are those rocks over there?’ ‘Oh, they’re granites’, just doesn’t sound right, right? Wrong. The rule is that all nouns can have a plural unless… Read More

Using the letter H

The best way to use an H is usually to make one of the many two-letter words it appears in – or rather, to make two, thus scoring it both ways, preferably on a premium square. The twos with an H are: AH exclamation of surprise or pleasure… Read More

K-words from New Zealand

New Zealand has made a few additions to the language, mainly Māori words which have been absorbed into English, or they have in New Zealand anyway, all adding richness to our Scrabble game vocabulary. Most of these words contain a K, which can be an awkward letter. These words can… Read More

Angriest anagrams

The eight-letter combination with the most anagrams is AEGINRST, with eleven. No obvious name suggests itself for this group, like the RETAINS group or the TEASING one, but I suppose we could call it the STEARING committee, or even the ANGRIEST brigade. ANGRIEST ANGSTIER… Read More

Great for the anagrams

The letters of the word RETAINS form a whopping eleven anagrams making it one of the best possible racks to have for bonuses. They are: ANESTRI plural of ANESTRUS ANTSIER more anxious NASTIER RATINES plural of RATINE, a material RESIANT old Scots word for… Read More

Eight-letter Gs

There are some nice eight-letter words with the one- point tiles and a G that all Scrabble players should know. Here are eight you can make with the letters AEILNRS + G. ALIGNERS ENGRAILS decorates (e.g. the side of a coin) with… Read More